Having a self storage unit is the perfect way to store away items that are only needed at certain times of the year.

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be needing your BBQ for many months. Your lawnmower, scarifier, strimmer and hedge trimmer will all be surplus to requirements within the next few weeks. While some people might have a shed or garage to store these items, if you don’t have lots of outdoor storage space, self-storage is a great alternative.

Camping equipment, gazebo’s, garden furniture and cushions will also need to be stored in a dry environment to avoid damp and mould through the colder months. Our indoor facility has the perfect conditions to keep your belongings dry and safe until the spring sunshine returns to shore.

This time of year we also start to think about the fast approaching festive season. We all know it’s coming and the best way to stay ahead of the game is to plan well. We have many customers that will be visiting their storage units over the coming months to hide away Christmas goodies from prying eyes. Even Santa uses a self-store unit to keep all the toys safe before the big day arrives. Many boxed up trees and decorations are stored here for 10 months of the year instead of taking up valuable space under the stairs.

Another pastime we all seem to have a love hate relationship with is DIY! If you’re turning your attention to all those interior jobs now the nights are drawing in, then why not consider using self storage to decamp an entire household room so that you are able to completely decorate top to bottom without getting your favourite sofa or table covered in dust or paint.

A top tip for using your self storage unit to its absolute best is to pack well and stack well. If you’re storing items like a wardrobe or sideboard, put these items in first and then fill the cupboard space with smaller items.

For duvets, bedding and clothes, consider purchasing vacuum bags that can have all the air sucked out making them much smaller.

Use good boxes and pack them full so they don’t crush when stacked. Always put heavy boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Bubble wrap and mattress covers can be used for extra protection.

Finally, remember that books and magazines can be very heavy when packed, so always use smaller boxes for these.

We hope you found these ideas and tips useful. Should you want to find out more information on our Self Storage facility on Pennygillam Industrial Estate in Launceston, we’re open Monday-Friday 8.30am until 5pm and Saturday mornings 9am until 12noon. Call in to have a chat with our friendly team or otherwise give us a call on 01566 744004.