If you are looking to put your house on the market this spring you will need to ensure your home is presented at its very best. DB Self storage can help you to get sale ready. We have units of all sizes available on a short term or longer basis to help you declutter. We have packaging materials and boxes for sale and lots of friendly and helpful advice! We have put together a list of jobs which will help to prep your house and increase its potential for a maximum price.
So, where to start?!
1. Declutter – Remove anything unnecessary lying around. Clear surfaces , make beds, tidy away toys, file paperwork. Make the house as organised and photogenic as possible. There are tricks to make spaces look larger such as using mirrors, this will show prospective purchasers how spacious their potential new home is. Don’t be tempted to hide away bulkier items or outdated items in garages or spare rooms. Move them into storage if you can’t find space for them. Make sure you keep some personality in your home though. Do not strip your home bare as you don’t want your home to appear unwelcoming and impersonal.
2. DIY jobs
All those little jobs you have been meaning to do but never got around to. Light bulbs that need changing, guttering cleared, lick of paint on scruffy walls, weeding the garden, planting seasonal flowers, changing soft furnishings. All helps to give an advantage to prospective viewings.
3. Smelling fresh
This is so important for viewings. You may have become immune to any pet odours that may linger in the house, especially if you have a dog who has been on a long wet muddy walk that day! Stale smoke is definitely off putting and can linger for ages.
So, windows opened, house aired, carpets and curtains cleaned if necessary. No overpowering air fresheners, which some find unpleasant.
4. Clean clean and clean again. No matter the size of your home, the airier and brighter it is, the better it will look. Make sure all windows are sparkling clean to let in as much light as possible. The more you hoover, polish clear drawers and cupboards the less you need to do when you move anyway. A lot of viewers pull open drawers, cupboards and peer in every nook and cranny. Ensure you wipe down all surfaces and clean skirting boards – basically spring clean top to toe.
5. Style
Finishing touches can make all the difference to a viewing. For example, a dressed table, curtains draped symmetrically, lamps turned on fresh flowers around the house are so important to present your home at its best.
Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression – Good luck!